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My 6 1/2 year old daughter has been in dance class since age 3. She has been exposed to many dance teachers.Caitlin is unique in that she not only is an accomplished dancer but she is an extraordinary teacher.  She has the ability to capture their attention and make learning dance fun and rewarding.  She treats my daughter as the smart individual that she is and expects the best from the children she teaches. She really connects with children and my daughter loves her! Caitlin is a fantastic role model  and I would travel any distance to be able to have her continue teaching my daughter ballet and jazz. 

-Angela Ruman

Ms. Caitlin is an amazing dance teacher.  She has developmentally appropriate, high expectations for her students.  Caitlin teaches with love and enthusiasm.  She teaches proper form by talking with the girls about “turning on” specific muscles.  Her classes keep the kids engaged and moving.  I am always so impressed by Ms. Caitlin’s choreography, too!!  The dances she puts together for the kiddos are eloquent.  Most importantly,  life lessons like practicing to get better and not giving up are part of Ms. Caitlin’s dance instruction.  My five year old loves Ms. Caitlin as much as I do!!  She  looks forward to dance class every week.
-Gisa Nico

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