Student Gallery

We are so proud of our students here at the Blue8! Our photo gallery grows every week with pictures sent in by parents and students alike.

Check out the video from our 2015 Summer Music Video Workshop Here:  Kids Dance Weekend Music Video Workshop! Be sure to check back soon for the dates for the 2017-2018 Music Video Workshop!


IMG_2394IMG_2402IMG_176920140608_122817photo 1IMG_1783IMG_1880IMG_2034IMG_1996IMG_1931IMG_1928IMG_1839IMG_1792IMG_1919IMG_1780IMG_1729IMG_1716IMG_1715IMG_1705IMG_1657IMG_1654IMG_1603IMG_1609IMG_1562IMG_1454IMG_1449IMG_1432IMG_1411IMG_1349performIMG_1768IMG_1748IMG_1477photo 2photophoto 1IMG_2074IMG_2071IMG_2068IMG_2070IMG_2074IMG_2077

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